Cooking school for kids? Cooking parties for kids? Plant Based Food? Yes, yes, yes!!!

A Culinary School for kids? Yes! Delicious, beautiful, healthy yummy food? Yes! Culinary birthday parties? Yes! Here in San Diego and Temecula? Yes! Prep Chef after school enrichment? Yes! All of this in a converted airstream trailer that comes to you? Yes again!

Lovin’ Spoonfuls Cooking School for kids is the sister cooking school to The Floating Chef Cooking School and the Le Petit Chef Cooking School. The difference stems from the evolution of my own food journey and passion for teaching, food and eating!
Lovin’ Spoonfuls Cooing School for kids is all about having fun while learning the magic of cooking super healthy, super delicious, yummy in your tummy beautiful food. I come to you in an outfitted airstream to your home or school to share my passion for food, love for learning and desire to have a fabulous party- the best part is that everything is designed personally for you and we make everything from scratch- including the mess, (how I love a cooking mess) …but not to worry- we teach food etiquette and safety too.

I know first-hand that cooking your own food goes a long way in encouraging children of all ages to make great food choices. After all, after raising four delicious sons- who believe it or not- were really, really picky eaters until they were about 16. (Well, that’s a mouthful for me to admit.) My eldest son Matty simply refused to open his mouth as a baby- and decided he did not want to ever drink cow’s milk- I mean- I guess all men if given the choice of breast vs. bottle… seems like a done deal to me, right? I remember my pediatrician in Toronto instructing to me, “not to put a spoon in his mouth again… if he did not eat today, then tomorrow was another day”. My second son Noah was a dream eater and he always had his mouth open eager to try anything. But oh my gosh- weighing in at 9 lbs. at birth- there was no satisfying this one. Number three, Izaak- well I guess this is what happens when you are the filling in an all boy sandwich-he just sort of blended in initially- but when he found his voice- he wanted everything a ‘certain way’. Have you ever heard of Spaghetti with washed off tomato sauce? Xander is number four and we literally chased him around the house with a chicken nugget on the end of a fork (sound familiar)? just to get him to eat something. He had to smell his food before he ate it (yes even at a guest’s home… great visual here). Can you believe that today he is a chef, a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America and a wine sommelier engaged to a pastry chef. They are all foodies and that is so much fun for me- but we have gone through the vegetarian, raw, paleo, forks over knives, gluten free, etc. etc. Including me! The balancing act is my husband- who simply does not care what he eats and has such a high metabolism that he does not understand the word diet. His short list:
Buttered movie popcorn
Peanut Butter and Jam (O.k. It has too been crunchy peanut butter and good jam).
Pick up Sticks: Orange Chicken
Rubio’s: Seafood combo
Anything served on a paper plate with throw away cutlery.

O.K. He has come a really long way, puts up with my lovely mess (although I have improved in this department) and is very appreciative. He usually asks me to taste his food or wine at a restaurant and to let him know if he likes it!
His/our children include a caterer, a chef and beer connoisseurs.

So, when you come to Lovin’ Spoonfuls Cooking School- you and your children will be the lucky beneficiaries of a whole lot of experience cooking for kids, combined with master teaching skills (O.K. can I’ll brag just a little: Graduated summa cum lade, master’s degree in Education, primary specialist degree from England and yes, I have culinary degrees and have studied food around the world: Disney Institute, The Cordon Bleu, Marcella Hazan in Italy…

But mostly- I believe that we are what we eat. There are so many temptations today-and it is not easy to eat healthy, clean food. My dear friend Nichole reminds me daily, that if you are hungry enough for a bag of chips- then you are hungrier enough for an apple? Right? The key is creating really beautiful food that tastes as good as it looks- and learn how to prepare it. Stay tuned for our first adventure inside the airstream trailer! The party is on!